Layers upon layers


Layers upon layers upon layers... These practices guide me in and in and in..

It seems paradoxical that the deeper inward I go the more deeply connected I am with the world outside..

Last year I sat in silence and meditation for 10days, fully removed from the world outside. During that time I faced many fears and obstacles, the tricksters in my mind, deep patterns tugging and pulling trying to disturb and distract my journey inward.. I practiced sitting with these obstacles with a gentleness, patience, with a smile.. With patience and persistence a layer would dissolve and I would enter into a new depth..where it would start all over again..

Deeper and deeper, in and in..

So blessed I am to have had the time and willingness to sit and be silent and still.
As the 11th day came to step back out into the market place of this life, I felt anxiety creep in...
My mind had a moment of freak out at the seemingly huge leap it would take for my attention to extend back out into the world after being so so deeply inward.. But, as I began talking again and interacting with others and settled back into my work, daily activities and relationships, I actually found that I was more connected and at peace and ease and flow then I have ever been before..

Deep connection inward in fact deepened all connection. The way to true connection was to go in and in, layer upon layer..

Sally MeredithComment