“Self-realisation is, in fact, the only religion. For it is the true purpose of religion, no matter how people define their beliefs.”
— Paramahansa Yogananda
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What is Yoga? The bigger picture…

What really grabs my interest when it comes to yoga practice is the what and the why.. What is this practice about, “what” is it doing? And why am I drawn to partaking in this practice?
Maybe your “why” is to limber up, to build core strength in your body, perhaps it’s for the mental benefits of more clarity and inner peace.. Aligning with a sankalpa (an intention) is highly recommended when approaching a Yoga practice for yourself.

The “what” of Yoga is that ultimately Yoga is a journey of self-realisation and is not limited to being done making shapes with our bodies on a rectangular piece of rubber. There are 6 branches that make the living tree of the Indian Yoga system: The way of devotion (Bhakti Yoga), the way of the body, breath & prana (Hatha Yoga), the way of selfless service (Karma Yoga), the way of meditation (Raja Yoga), the way of knowledge (Jnana Yoga) and the way of cleansing and purification of the body (Kriya Yoga). There are some great bi-products of these practices such as improved health, better sleep, weight loss, physical fitness, flexibility, strength, more clarity and peace of mind, more loving way of being in the world… But if we get “hooked” on these bi-products, we could miss the bigger picture! Yoga ultimately guides us on the journey out from our own suffering toward a state of deep understanding and realisation of self.
As a facilitator and dedicated practitioner of Yoga I endeavor to be an ambassador of that, to constantly remember again and again and again who I am as a unified and “inter” being. In my breath, my body, the make up and patterning of my mind, the deep loving of my heart, the life force that moves through me, and the boundless spirit that dwells within and all around. Yoga isn’t something I “do” for an hour here or there, it’s not something I schedule in as such.. It’s my way of practicing life. If this practice can reach out from me ripple into all that I do, if it can flower and inspire flowers to bloom in those around me, then I am truly overjoyed and fulfilled.

In saying that, I do like to “schedule in” times and dates for happenings based around Yoga to occur! Please head over to the CLASSES PAGE to check out when and where you can participate in public and/or online classes with me. My public classes are Hatha Yoga based, and are greatly influenced by my background in the following physical practices: Ashtanga Yoga, Shadow Yoga, Power Flow, Vinyasa Yoga, Dance, Acroyoga, Zenthai Flow, Yin Yoga, Taoist practices from the Tao Yoga Arts school, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. I draw a lot of imagery from mother nature to help guide us in to the wealth of experience beneath the skin! I am passionate about exploring the inner landscapes of the body, mind and heart, and I theme my classes in a way that gently support us to go there. I’ve witnessed within myself and others, the radiance that comes as we deepen the understanding of ourselves. Inviting more health and balance in the body with these public classes is a great place to begin!

Styles of workshops and

classes I offer:

“Asana Lab” Yoga
You will be guided through a focused practice looking at the what, why's and how's of certain yoga poses. This class is designed to build an understanding of how to perform the asana (postures) in a way that is suitable, safe and effective for your body. This can be a great class for beginners, or anyone who wants to slow right down, focus on building toward a certain goal, and get into the fine details of their practice!

Vinyasa Yoga
A class designed to take you on a meditative dance with your breath and body. This practice will build coordination, gently warm up the body, and explore healthy range of movements for happy joints. You will learn how to deepen your connection with your breath, using it as a tool to steady the mind and sooth the nervous system. This class is suitable to all levels of experience and can be catered to be a very gentle practice or a little more dynamic (depending on energy levels).

Yin Yoga
A more restorative class that focuses on releasing tension from the joints and gently lengthening the connective tissues of the body. This practice in mostly seated or lying down and you will be encouraged to use props to support deeper relaxation in the poses. Sally's Yin classes are all about restoring the body and quieting the mind.

Power Flow Yoga
These classes are designed to build heat, core strength and coordination in your body. You will be guided through a dynamic practice to the flowing rhythm of your breath and often some good tunes in the background. Power Flow is the most physically challenging of the classes Sally offers, however, Sally gives options in the practice to suit all levels of experiences and abilities.

Zenthai Flow
A vinyasa style asana based practice centered around the Five Element theory of Chinese Medicine. Each class is designed to support harmony in the Five Elements, using asana, breath work and Tai Chi movements to invigorate and lengthening meridian channels along pathways of fascia in the body. Zenthai flow gently guides the whole person back to vitality, balance and peace. Suitable for all levels of experience. Sally teaches with Gwyn Williams, the founder of Zenthai Shiatsu and Zenthai Flow, at the Healing Centers on the Sunshine Coast (Mt. Ninderry) and Bali (Jasri).

Specialised Workshops
Sally also offers a range of workshops for festivals, retreats, teacher trainings, events… Depending on the nature of the event, these workshops can draw from any of the styles above as well as a variety of focuses including: Meridian/5 element theory, Zenthai Shiatsu, partner yoga, acroyoga, yoga anatomy, philosophy, Taoist practices, pranayama(breath work), Meditation, heart sharing circles, womens circles, yoga/body work for the seasons.


Sally provides mentoring for Yoga teachers who are looking to develop their teaching style. These mentoring sessions will give you a framework to support you in expanding your creativity and clarity as a facilitator, and in bringing forward your unique voice and style. The program looks at how we "design the yoga class", with a focus on developing themes, sequencing and structuring. We uncover the tools that help to create meaningful yoga classes which will leave your students aligned and opened on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Sally can work with you one-on-one, or if you have a group of teachers or teacher trainees Sally can come to your studio. These sessions can also be via skype if you are not local. Please contact Sally to discuss.


Private/Corporate/Specialised bookings with Sally
Sally offers Yoga classes/workshops/retreats/trainings for corporate, private, group or Yoga studio bookings. This is a great option if you:

  • Are an individual who would benefit from a more personalised practice or are looking to take your personal practice to the next level

  • Are a work place wanting to bring yoga to your staff or event

  • Are a yoga studio interested in inviting Sally to join your teacher training or run a specialised workshop for your clients

  • Are a festival or retreat seeking a presenter for workshops/classes

Please contact Sally to discuss options.