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Since she could walk Sally has been experimenting with embodied expression, from dance to yoga, to circus and healing arts. She first began facilitating movement practices whilst at high-school as a part time dance teacher. During her tertiary studies of contemporary dance at Deakin University, Sally enrolled in her first Yoga Teacher Training at the Australian Yoga Academy. She has since taught yoga extensively across studios, retreats, trainings and festivals within Australia and abroad.

Sally's yoga practice and teachings are greatly inspired by her background as a contemporary dancer, Ashtanga Vinyasa practitioner and then Shadow Yoga practitioner, AcroYogi, and her journey with Gwyn Williams and his healing modality Zenthai Shiatsu. She is also influenced by teachers Duncan Peak (Founder of Power Living Australia), Jesse Lee Parker (founder of Tao Yoga Arts), and the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings (founder of the Plum Village Monastery).

From 2015 Sally has been involved with the Zenthai Shiatsu community as a student, facilitator, therapist and friend. Her practice and classes have since been greatly influenced by the lens of Chinese Medicine, and by her involvement in the development of Zenthai Flow.

Sally identifies with being forever a sincere student, lover and ambassador of: nature, dance, Yoga, relationship, consciousness, kindness and touch. Being intrigued by the wonder and mystery of mother nature, timeless yogic concept and the experiential anatomy of our inner landscapes, Sally’s facilitation guides participants on a poetic journey with their breath, body and heart.

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From what I’ve experienced in myself, and witnessed in others, it is the intimacy between ones own breath, body, mind and heart that is where the foundations of “true home” exists. As we learn how to settle back into this “living home” we find that the sense of “disconnectedness” and of “not belonging” fall away. A certain relaxation and harmony is realised deep within our being and with the natural world outside of us.
We remember that we are very much interconnected and inter-being with all of existence. 

I deeply believe in the ripple effect of these practices, and I’m passionate about holding space for those ready to rise up and touch the world around us as living examples.

What ripples are you making today?