When you touch something with deep awareness you touch everything.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

What is Zenthai Shiatsu?

Blood , Ki and nerves form the foundations of our bodies internal pathways.  Your local doctor may refer to arterial flow or nerve pathways whilst your alternative health practitioner may refer to ‘the river of life that ensures good health and vitality.’

When this is obstructed through emotional or physical trauma, postural imbalances or external invasion of pathogens, the natural healing mechanisms of our body is challenged and the ‘free flowing river’ often stagnates. The result is pain, low energy and a general loss of the feeling of well being. The body is needing support.

Zenthai shiatsu addresses the needs by drawing on the Traditional Energetic based systems of Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage and the remediation techniques of Osteopathy. By the integration of the prime aspects of the modalities and the creation of a safe, awake and caring healing environment, Zenthai has evolved to be widely recognised as an effective structural and energetic form of therapy.

This is movement based therapy with a reputation of effective dealing with issues of the musculo-skeletal, digestive and nervous system.

Common conditions that are addressed include:

  • lower back, neck and shoulder pain

  • digestive complaints

  • joint mobilisation

  • energy depletion

  • immune system

Briefly speaking, Zenthai draws on…

  1. Zen shiatsu …Traditional Chinese medicine …acupuncture without needles ( includes cupping, moxabustion and lifestyle/food advice )

  2. Traditional Thai massage ..releases muscular tension and energetic blockages

  3. Osteopathic techniques…includes joint mobilisation , connective tissue patterns and fascia unwinding.

Each session is tailor made to the clients needs.

Zenthai Founder and author of ‘The Zen of Touch’ Gwyn Williams has spent 20 years plus traveling internationally and exploring various modalities of Structural and Energetic healing systems to be continually creating this evolving form of movement based therapy. Since 2014, Sally has been working along side her mentor Gwyn here at the home base of Zenthai Shiatsu on the Sunshine Coast and in Bali. Together they have been exploring and developing Zenthai also as a movement therapy class which integrates yoga asana, functional movement and taoist/Qi practices.

The 9 month Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist Training is now offered at Sunshine Coast and Melbourne locations. Sally is honoured to be a part of the expansion and forever evolution of this wonderful modality and it’s off branch yoga/movement practice “Zenthai Flow”.
Head to the TRAINING PAGE for full details about the Melbourne based Zenthai Shiatsu trainings and the Bali Zenthai Flow Facilitator training retreat with Gwyn and Sally.

For zenthai news, information and workshops offered on the Sunshine Coast and abroad please visit the zenthai website: www.zenthaishiatsu.com

Fluidity. Totality. Heartfulness.

Those who live passionately show us how to love. Those who love passionately show us how to live.
— Paramhansa Yogananada
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Sally and her partner Yuta currently offer Zenthai Shiatsu therapy from both Sunshine Coast and Melbourne locations. All treatments are customised to suit your individual needs and goals towards health, harmony and vitality.

With totality in each touch, we listen deeply to the stories unwinding from the connective tissues of your body. Nothing to do.. nowhere to be... other than here in this precious moment.. & the next... This is the state of flow we gently tune into as the unique rhythm & needs of your body guide us in the treatment. We bring intuition & a deep understanding of the structural & energetic body to our sessions. With great compassion & gratitude, we work with you to relieve symptoms, unveil causes, & encourage self-guided healing.

Your well being is your priority. You can visit our CLINIC PAGE for details about the treatments we offer.

Life is energy. Without it nothing moves… nothing rests. Without energy, matter is inanimate. When we see energy we are seeing spirit. Each spirit is a manifestation of the Great Spirit, Tao.??  Therefore, we must not make negative judgements about anyone. Instead we must marvel at the creativity of God, or Tao. As Oriental Medicine practitioners, our only desire is to facilitate the movement of energy, with ourselves and each person we encounter – to bring forth our own inner being, as well as the inner being of those around us. By acquiring this wonderful knowledge, we have it in our power to serve such a purpose: to move energy in the direction in which it already wants to go. What a great way to live.
— Ohashi