Zenthai Shiatsu w/Yuta or Sally

60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $130

Zenthai Shiatsu is focused structural and energetic body work that therapeutically treats the whole person, physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If it's your first Zenthai Shiatsu experience with us, it is recommended that you book in for a minimum 1.5 hour session. This will allow us to tune into your body, enabling deeper, more effective therapy. Regular 1 hour Zenthai treatments are a great way to support balance and harmony for yourself. We can work with you on specific issues to help guide the body back to health and vitality. Each session is catered to your individual needs. We may also offer cupping, moxibustion, and maybe even some "hang time" with therapeutic flying poses.

Cupping w/Yuta or Sally

40 MINUTES $70

The session will involve light batting over your body to stimulate the skin and lymph and invigorate the connective tissues. Then glass cups will carefully be applied (suction onto the skin) to certain points along the body, unique to your individual needs. The suction is created by a flame being inserted into the cup first so that the air is taken out of the cup. Cupping is great for dispersing built up tension and rebooting your system! It can also help increase circulation in stagnant or very tight areas. Please note that the cupping will leave marks on the skin that can last for around a week.


Yoga & Body Work w/ Sally

120 MINUTES $170

This session is completely catered to you. Half personalised yoga lesson, and half body work. The yoga will invigorate, awaken and open the body. Followed by therapeutic body work to restore balance and refuel your energy levels. Upon booking, Sally will be in touch with you to discuss the focus and intentions for the session.


Private AcroYoga class w/Sally

90 MINUTES $130 • 120 MINUTES $170

A private AcroYoga training session for yourself, you and your partner, or a small group of friends. A great way to train your fitness, improve your coordination, core strength, flexibility, confidence and communication skills and have fun at the same time!


One-to-one Yoga class w/Sally

60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $130

This session is completely catered to you. Please see the ABOUT YOGA PAGE to get a feel for the range of styles Sally offers. Whether you are looking for some one-to-one guidance as an introduction into the practice, or to work with sensitivities in you body, or your looking to advance your practice to the next level, or after some mentoring in your teaching practice... Upon booking, Sally will be in touch with you to discuss the focus and intentions for the session.


Foot Massage & Reflexology w/Sally or Yuta

40 MINUTES $70

After a delightful foot soak with essential oils you will receive a reflexology foot massage drawn from traditional Thai techniques. Wonderful for relaxation, improved sleep, circulation and tired heavy legs.

Learn Zenthai Shiatsu w/Sally & Yuta

90 MINUTES $240

For you and your friend or partner. You will be guided through a Zenthai Shiatsu sequence by Sally and Yuta. A wonderful introduction to the body work if you’re interested in learning it. A great way to be able to offer each other ongoing therapeutic touch!



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