I was lucky enough to have a Zenthai Massage with Sally recently when I was on holidays in Coolum and it was one of the best treatments I have had. I felt an instant state of calm just being in her presence and haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time (new Mum). Thank you so much Sal, I will definitely be back xx
— Emma Clifton

I feel awakened to the beauty of sensation and aliveness.
— Riki Edelsten

Some people have an innate ability to pass on what they’ve learned. Sally is one of those. A born teacher. The knowledge she has acquired (both technical and holistic) is phenomenal. This is all wrapped up and delivered with a pure, impeccable, playful, joyful spirit. If ever you have the chance to learn anything from Sally don’t hesitate for a moment, she will help show you how to live. To quote Thomas Hien:

Wherever you are, whatever you do
Whatever wishes might come true
Whatever you got, whatever you give
You make it a beautiful life to live
— Luke Stephan

Sally is a wonderful teacher who holds space in her classes beautifully, makes high level skills accessible, moves with graceful strength and has a range of experience in different modalities. She’s great. Go to her classes, you won’t regret it.
— Gabriel David Xalfa

I find Sally’s classes filled with a loving space that allows you to explore deep into your yoga experience.
I really enjoy the awareness and compassion she shows her students along with sharing her knowledge and wisdom of the practice.

I have attended 4 Sound Bath movement classes facilitated by Sally and Yuta.
The experiences allowed me to delve into my consciousness for deeper healing and restoration. I highly recommend this experience to others.
The openhearted sound healing done by Yuta,I found to be very nurturing for my soul and left me in a states of absolute bliss. I will be going back for more.
— Rod Cowling

I was lucky enough to have Sally as a teacher at my Zenthai Facilitator training in 2017. She was a wonderful teacher, with a beautiful way of sharing the principles of Zenthai. Not only that but she was incredibly supportive outside classes with any problems that we had. I hope I am lucky enough to have her as a teacher again soon!
— Emily Hallarth

Walking into a space filled with warmth and light I found it quite difficult to be stuck in that negative headspace I was carrying throughout the day. Sally’s welcome had me relaxed and ready for some amazing healing. The entire experience was nothing short of beautiful, totally nurturing, loving and so supple from the bodywork of Zenthai.

Thank you for giving me such an extraordinary experience, I’ll definitely be back for more and I’m thinking of becoming a therapist myself.
— Ali Celik

Sally is a born healer and teacher. Her extensive knowledge and instinct truly shines. I have attended workshops, classes and received a zenthai massage. What can I say-my experiences with Sally are lessons to expand and extend your own practice and share with your own students. Thank you Sally
— Nadine Gia