Shine Bright

On the black sandy beaches of Rural East Coast, Bali, lies a very special village nestled among coconut groves and rice terraces, Jasri. Here is where I spent 19 days diving into the practice and teachings of Zenthai Flow. This teacher's retreat explores the wisdom of meridians and five element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a training designed to develop creativity and depth in our offerings as yoga teachers, therapists and facilitators. It was an honor to be back assisting Gwyn Williams at the retreat centre there in Jasri, Shanti Agung. One of the things that most touches me about being a part of retreats like these is the powerful unveiling that occurs. Taking time from ones normal setting/routine/relationships/etc.. allows for a certain rediscovery to take place. Our pure intentions begin to pierce through old husks and a realignment with our inspiration shines forth. It was a joy to witness this unfold with the group of Zenthai Flow trainees. Or should I say, Zenthai Warriors, for they indeed demonstrated true “warrior-ship”.

After my time in Bali, I ventured over to Jakarta where I met with some friends to embark on a volunteer adventure together. There we ran a creative yoga and mindfulness program with a Muslim refugee community that are waiting in limbo between their war torn homes in the middle east and a hopeful future. The work we had moved through together at Shanti Agung on the retreat was an incredible warm up for the time we spent with these people in Jakarta. I was so ready to bring my brightest light and stretched open heart, and I felt each of the zenthai warriors there with me cheering me on.. best cheer squad!

Our theme with the refugees was: happiness. In our opening circle, we asked them to introduce themselves and share with us one thing that brings them happiness. A common answer was, "quality time with friends". One of the boys shared, "to be of help to someone in need". A young lady said, "the smile of her father"...

The life circumstances of these people hold serious trauma and loss, each of them have had so much ripped away. And yet they continue to show up and say YES to life. It occurred to me that the incomprehensible loss this particular refugee group have undertaken has in fact aligned them to what is actually of value. When everything has been taken from you, what is it that actually matters? The essential (essence-full) keys to happiness. It was such an honor to remember and celebrate happiness with these people.

My heart is brought back to the black sandy shores of Jasri, Bali, where one of the Zenthai Warriors, Chrissy, wrote and shared a song with us.. Her Heart Light song plays through my mind... "You are Heart Light.. You are here to shine bright.. Take the veil off my love… You are here to shine bright… Shine bright"

It is apparent to me that when light sees light the whole world gets brighter...

Shine on