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Elements Embodied Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training (40 hrs)

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Course Overview
Are you ready to unveil your authenticity and unique voice as a facilitator? 
Curious about the therapeutic power of Yoga and Chinese Medicine?
Does bringing more poetry and creativity into your practice and class theming interest you?
Do you desire to move others in a way that is deeply connecting and awakening?

Zenko Yoga have invited Sally to offer this 5 day training program as a part of their 300hr Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training. This course will not only enrich what you have to offer in your classes but also deepen your living experience of daily life.
Through the lens of the 5 elements, you will learn how to connect to and harness these forces of nature in a way that bring poetry, purpose and therapy into your yoga classes. 

The course will cover basic meridian anatomy and 5 element theory from Chinese Medicine; Sally’s favourite elemental yoga practices to guide you in embodying the elements; creative processes to help flesh out your sequencing and theming into potent poetry in motion; and teaching methods that will move the hearts, minds and bodies of your students whilst connecting them deeply to their own natural inner landscapes.

You will learn how the five elements can be drawn upon in yoga and movement practice for therapeutic benefit; how to design yoga classes in a way that accesses the meridians and supports the energy of the organs; how to sequence classes to support seasonal shifts; and how to attune your energy to meet the needs of the class. 

Each of the 5 days will be themed to an element allowing us to dive into the aspects of nature that are ignited within us when we fully immerse ourselves. We will explore how we psychosomatically and spiritually relate to each element, the organs and corresponding meridians associated. We will flesh out theming, language and sequencing of our yoga classes, supported by the framework of the 5 elements of Chinese medicine. The course will include lots of practical teaching time in a supportive environment that is “fully cheering you on” to be creative and exploratory!

Key Learning Outcomes
The topics covered will include:

  • An introductory and practical understanding of five element theory, Qi and meridian anatomy.

  • Practical teaching skills to show up in full authenticity and to hold space with depth and potency.

  • Approaches to theming and sequencing in a way that is deeply connected with the natural world we live in.

  • Stepping stones toward creating programs/retreats/courses with purpose.

  • An approach how to hold space for deep psychosomatic exploration and healing.

  • Expanding on your language in a way that draws out your unique voice and creates poetry in motion.

  • Building a confidence and ease that comes from courageously and gently surrendering “limiting beliefs”, and coming into full understanding and celebration for who you are.

Location: Zenko Yoga - Noosa & Buddina
Trainer:  Sally Meredith
Time Commitment: 40 contact hours, 5 non-contact hours
Price: $800 (stand alone module)

Sat 5th Oct 2019, 9.30am - 7.00pm  (Noosa)
Sun 6th Oct 2019, 9.30am - 3.30pm (Buddina)

Sat 12th Oct 2019,  9.30am - 7.00pm (Noosa)

Sat 26th Oct 2019, 9.30am - 7.00pm  (Noosa)
Sun 27th Oct 2019, 9.30am - 3.30pm (Buddina)

Head to the Zenko Website for full information about the training and how to register your interest. THIS LINK WILL TAKE YOU THERE