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Zenthai Flow - 19 Day Teaching Retreat Bali

  • Shanti Agung Jasri, Bali Indonesia (map)

Founded and facilitated by Gwyn Williams (Founder of Zenthai Shiatsu and Zenthai Flow)
2018 will be the third year Sally has taught on this course with Gwyn.

This 19 day training gives beginning and existing yoga teachers and Zenthai therapists the capacity to extend their practice, using their role as teachers to entwine the five elements of Chinese medicine with the three disciplines of:
1. solo asana practice
2. creative partner yoga
3. effective therapeutic bodywork sequences


1. fascia unwinding and spiraling movement
2. embodying meridian stretches and pressure points into the practice
3. creating sequences around the deeper emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the elements


1. deepen the stretch and strengthen
2. develop the receptive capacity and embodying the joy of giving
3. flows with therapeutic focus, based on each element


1. teaching simple flows for troublesome areas
2. deepen your experience with Zenthai Shiatsu (Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage, Osteopathic techniques)
3. understand the nectar of the art is ‘how we touch’ and sharing potent principles from this space


1. the five elements in daily life: movement, mental, emotional and spiritual
2. becoming an effective communicator
3. the three disciplines of Zenthai flows
4. principles of teaching asana
5. principles of teaching partner flow
6. principles of teaching bodywork
7. creating community and  an effective group dynamic
8. marketing and management
9. alignment and safety
10. simplicity and authenticity as tools for transformation
11. structural anatomy
12. overview of the foundation of Chinese medicine

This class will be a practical focus, with considerable focus developing skills, knowledge and confidence for students in teaching roles.

All materials are provided, including manual and DVD.

WHERE: Shanti Pantai Temple at a small rural village on the east coast of Bali.
WHEN: Feb 24 – March 14, 2018
This is a teacher training of movement based therapy.

Prior experience in Zenthai, Shiatsu or Thai massage is encouraged but not compulsory.
INVESTMENT:  $2450 (AU$), (early bird price) –  includes all meals, tuition and twin share accommodation. $500 own room upgrade option available.
Limited spaces available.

Bookings through or contact on 0416 746 996

Please include the following information in your email –

  • name and age
  • experience with yoga and bodywork
  • reason for applying
  • address
  • background with Zenthai


1. Do I need to be experienced at teaching yoga?

This class is open to experienced and inexperienced teachers who wish to bring creativity and the therapy of Chinese Medicine into their work. We are encouraging individuals in various stages of their journey that wish to offer movement-based therapy classes with the integration of the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine.

Outside of obvious topics of Immersion in the practice, teaching methodology, theory of the elements, anatomy of the structural body, shapes/safety/refinement ….is you teaching !!!

There is a strong focus on practical application and continually refining to find your voice.

“Learn the principle , abide by the principle , dissolve the principle “ Bruce Lee

Asana (50%], partner flows (25%), bodywork (25%)


The class will range from 14 to 28 students (max) .

Gwyn and and two assistants will facilitate the class. This year will be adding a small component of learning five simply Qi Gong flows which offered by a separate Qi Gong teacher.
Yoga Facilitator: Sally Meredith


Shanti Agung Pantai is located on a small fishing village on Bali’s east coast, near Candi Dasa – Pantai Jasri. Our hosts are Mr and Mrs Komang, who feed us delicious Balinese food, predominately vegan with eggs and fish available for those who wish. Some students will stay onsite, while others will stay offsite ( 400metre walk) at an upmarket villa. Rooms are twin share and comfortable. There’s also an option to have your own room in the offsite accommodation (extra $600). Our off site accommodation can be viewed at


The first session of each day is you as a student, in a yoga and mediation class. After breakfast, we dissect the qualities of each element (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire), marrying each with the how and what of presenting effective learning environments and putting it all to action.

Within the two sessions after breakfast, students are placed into active teaching roles, (predominantly asana), where we learn and grow together.

A daily 3-4 hour break between 1-4pm allows time to restore, soak up the offerings of the village or gather with colleagues to collaborate and imprint the material.

The evening program (4-6.30pm) entails five Elements meets partner yoga (some optional therapeutic flying /AcroYoga), and teaching of five Zenthai bodywork sequences (simple and effective).

Forum and discussion on a journey towards a powerful and joyful teacher is injected throughout the day.  An embodiment of the elements of Chinese medicine is filtered throughout the entire program.

5. When do I need to pay the deposit and remaining fee?

We suggest paying a deposit before the end of 2017. You will need the deposit to confirm your space.The remaining amount needs to be finalised before the class commencement on Feb 24. (if this is difficult,  we can discuss payment plans that suit your present situation)

Applications can be emailed to gwynthenthai@gmail

Please include the following information –

  • name and age
  • experience with yoga and bodywork
  • reason for applying
  • address
  • background with Zenthai

6. How do I describe Zenthai flow to future students and clients?

Zenthai flow is best described as movement-based therapy, based around the five events of Chinese medicine. The free flowing asana flow involves vitalising the meridians or energy lines of the body, with the intention of supporting overall wellbeing and dealing with existing imbalances. Partner and bodywork sequences are focused on fluidity, therapy and connection.

The yogic and zen philosophies offer a refreshing lens of perception to quieten the mind, direct attention and to embody a more sincere, contributive and harmonious daily life.