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Teaching Partner and Circle Yoga Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training

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Course Overview
Do you want to build even stronger community vibes in your classes?
Are you interested in how partner yoga can guide people more deeply into their body and the postures?
Would you like to build more confidence and ease in your relationship with touch and connection, and hold space for others to do the same?

Sally is joyed to be invited to run this module as a part of the Zenko Yoga Level 2 Teacher Training course, held on the Sunshine Coast Australia. Join Sally as she draws from years of experience in dance teaching and dancing professionally, Yoga teaching, acroyoga and zenthai shiatsu.. She’s worked with kids, “All Abilities” groups, refugees, orphanages, corporate, football teams, school groups, festivals, retreats… With all this background, you're in great hands to be diving into the how to's when it comes to partner and circle yoga practice! This 2 day module is a wonderful option whether your looking to lead entire partner yoga classes; to integrate potent moments of paring up in your yoga classes; or to simply develop your own relationship with connection, community and touch. 

This course will cover awesome partner and circle yoga templates designed by Sally from where you can develop and creatively expand; creative processes and interactive activities to evoke connection and a sense of play in the class; anatomical focus around how to queue safely and effectively; and teaching techniques and strategies to create an inclusive rather than exclusive environment.

You will learn how to guide partner and group practices in a way that is physically therapeutic, heartfelt, safe and fun. You will receive and manual from Sally including her favourite partner yoga sequences, a wonderful circle/mandala yoga sequence, and specific partner yoga postures you can bring into your regular classes to support your students in deepening their experience of the pose. 

This module will shake off the "seriousness" that can creep into yoga practice, whilst reconnecting you with a deep "sincerity" that is available when we let down everything we think we "know" and open ourselves to curiosity and wonder. 
"You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing!" 

As we sincerely connect with each other, we realise the other can be an incredible mirror reflecting back to us.

Key Learning Outcomes
The topics covered will include:

  • How to facilitate partner yoga and circle/mandala yoga sequences.

  • Principles of healthy and appropriate connection and touch.

  • Safety queues for anatomical support and benefit.

  • Inclusive language and teaching technique.

  • Strategies for how to build community and connection in the Yoga class/studio.

  • Ways to develop and design your own creative and effective partner yoga sequences.

  • Discernment when and where in the class/workshop a partner pose may or may not work.

Location: Zenko Yoga Noosa
Trainers:  Sally Meredith
Time Commitment: 15 contact hours, 5 non-contact hours
Price: $300 (stand alone module)

Fri 12th July - 11.00am - 7.00pm 
Fri 26th July - 11.00am - 6.00pm 

Full information about the Level 2 course run by Zenko Yoga and how to register can be FOUND HERE