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6week ZenThai Shiatsu Bodywork class

  • Australian shiatsu college 103 Evans Street Brunswick, Victoria Australia (map)

Join Sally for this 6 week ZenThai Shiatsu bodywork class journeying with the five elements. This is as offering for those seeking to learn about bodywork or looking to deepen their massage/bodywork practice.

When: 7:30-9pm Thursdays from June 9th - July 14th (6 weeks)
Where: The Australian Shiatsu College Brunswick
Investment: $160 for 6 week class including manual and video material
Contact: Sally Meredith

Over these 6 weeks you will:
- Develop your sensetivity of touch with the principles of ZenThai Shiatsu.
- Learn a 1-2hour elemental ZenThai Shiatsu body work sequence.
- Deepen you understanding and relationship with the forces of nature through contemplation and journaling with the 5 elements.
- Recieve a manual and video material of the body work.
- Complete 9 hours of professional learning in the field of body work and healing arts.


9/6 EARTH WEEK: -Stillness Speaks-
Release stagnation from the legs and feet and unwind tension from front body fascia. Support the functioning of stomach and spleen. Slow down, arrive, nourish... less is more.

16/6 METAL WEEK: -It's a Ritual-
Focus on chest and shoulders to invigorate the lungs. Lungs and Colon govern the letting go mechanism in our body. Through letting go we embrace change.. each moment becomes a sacred ritual.

23/6 WATER WEEK: -Contain your power-
Tonify the kidneys and urinary bladder and work the back body to restore the nervous system. To yield and flow is to step back from control and fear and to step IN TO our power.

30/6 WOOD WEEK: -Focused intention-
Detox the liver and gallbladder with twists and stretches. Working with the hips, tendons and ligaments. Young sapplings bend with the wind, rigid branches snap! Purpose and direction with flexibility.

7/7 FIRE WEEK: -Choose Joy!-
Hands, arms, upper back and head.. We look at ways to support the energy of the heart and small intestine. Circulation, intuitive insight, heart intelligence. Containing the fire.

14/7 FINAL WEEK: Body work revision. A complete guided flow of the body work learned from each element. Time for reflection and celebration!